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The conception, design and production of functional, high added-value plastic components is a complex process that involves an infinite number of variables, procedures, techniques and partners.

It is in this type of industrial process that the “turnkey” concept and “360° strategy” are of crucial importance. The production of this type of component is not just about giving shape to an idea, a need or even a dream: it is about accompanying a customer throughout the entire production process to provide comprehensive advice and generate a relationship of complete trust.

This security is what allows them to delegate the production of their solutions with guarantees of design, functionality and certification in all types of fields, including critical sectors such as medical. And it is what allows IDELT to make one of its differential value propositions.

Unique dialogue

This comprehensive strategy starts from the moment a customer wants to give life to an idea, design a prototype and develop a functional and exclusive solution. IDELT’s ability to handle all stages of production allows its customers to approach a single contact rather than contacting several suppliers, thus saving time and, above all, money.

In house services

IDELT offers its clients an in-house service. All project management is carried out with constant and direct contact with the client to gather additional data, make queries or any other task with the aim of making the process even easier and simpler.

Quality guarantee

All the solutions designed and produced by IDELT have a full quality guarantee, not only due to the use of the materials of which they are made, but also due to the strict compliance with all manufacturing standards.


All this work is complemented by the expertise accumulated over the last decades which allows IDELT to make its projects feasible, to evaluate them to check the viability of the proposed solution and its production process, and to be sure that it is in line with budgetary guidelines.

Rigorous compliance with deadlines

Strict compliance with deadlines is part of this feasibility: at IDELT we know how important it is to be able to guarantee our industrial customers the timing of the production process so that they can meet their own commitments and deadlines, for example, when starting to market or launch a product on the market.


In addition, IDELT carries out an integral management of the selection of materials and purchases with the aim of relieving the client of tasks of little value and having control of the logistics or delivery times that guarantee the correct progress of the process.

Budget adjustment

The budgetary element constitutes a fundamental axis for any project, and one of those that most conditions its profitability. That is why IDELT offers its clients comprehensive advice that includes recommendations based on its know-how to adjust the level of their investment as much as possible, adapt it to their business plan and try to reduce risks and uncertainties.

All these aspects, together with a firm commitment to innovation and technology, and proven experience in the industrial field, make IDELT a benchmark partner for conceptualising and producing any project in an integral manner.

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