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Challenge accepted: we make your dream come true

April 4 2022

Creativity, design and innovation focused on excellence. IDELT’s business model and, above all, its work method go far beyond the ” turn-key project ” concept. Our work starts at the very moment a need is created, even before, when one of our clients draws a dream or an idea for their business. From that moment on, IDELT starts a complex process that includes the conceptualization and design of the product, and concludes with the manufacturing and serial production and the market launch of exclusive plastic parts with high added value, all developed in house.

But between the front and the end of this process there is a complex work that makes us a reference and gives us a wide competitive advantage: every time one of our customers makes us an order we start a process that aims to achieve the most attractive and functional solution with an optimized production in parameters of time and resources. We make the complicated simple.

This 360º service is based on three fundamental guidelines:

Accompanying the customer

Ponemos nuestro expertise, disponibilidad y asesoramiento a disposición de las empresas que precisan soluciones exclusivas con un servicio integrado desde la misma concepción del producto.

Innovative technology

IDELT has the most cutting-edge technologies to carry out design, prototyping, tooling development and production tasks.

The speed of the process

We apply flexible dynamics to adapt and even anticipate the continuous transformation experienced by the industrial sector to ensure product excellence.

From conceptualization to market launch of unique products

We are a strategic partner for companies that require high value-added plastic solutions, and we are driven by one goal: to meet and even exceed their needs and expectations in all phases of our work.

  • Strategic consulting

    Every project is born from a simple idea or a specific need: from that moment on, we deploy our strategic consulting service to create innovative, attractive and fully functional proposals.

  • Design

    When we find the optimal solution together with our customers, we start the design stage, which aims to transform that need into an attractive solution from the aesthetic point of view, and operational, from the functional point of view.

  • Prototyping

    We then move from sketches, digital screens and 3D images to tangible solutions: our technology and know-how allow us to produce prototypes with qualities and finishes very similar to those of the final product.

  • Molds and tooling

    We consider the manufacture of molds as one of the critical parts of the process; that is why we have the necessary technology to adapt them to the required materials and the expected production volume, and we offer the possibility of making the final adjustments in the plant to avoid delays, especially during the homologation phase.

  • Injection

    Once the mold has been manufactured, work begins in our injection plant, which has the necessary technology to meet any size, batch or speed requirements. This allows us to quickly validate and homologate the new molds that will later be produced in series.

  • Post-process

    There are times when details make the difference: that is why we offer finishing solutions and additional processes that give added value to our parts and products.

All these processes are what have allowed us to turn this methodology into a reliable 360º service capable of offering functional, attractive and profitable solutions.

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