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Integral and innovative ‘core’ partners to face the ‘smart home’ revolution

The progressive adoption of enabling technologies such as 5G and blockchain, among many others, has already begun to revolutionize the market for home appliances, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and, by extension, the smart home concept.

The consumer electronics and smart home sector is currently undergoing a real paradigm shift driven by the expansion of voice assistants such as Alexa, and their integration with all kinds of IoT home devices. According to a study collected by Statista, in 2020 the market for these interconnected devices in the United States exceeded $23.3 billion, while in Europe it reached $20.1 billion. And the forecasts are overwhelming: while in the United States a growth of 14% is expected by 2026, in Europe this rise will be 17.8%, i.e., figures of $51.2 billion and $53.9 billion, respectively. These data paint a picture of an expanding but also highly competitive market that requires intense business collaboration and large doses of efficiency and innovation. 

Manufacturers of new home appliances and the IoT industry, with its medical side (IoMT), are fully aware of these challenges and are looking for reliable partners with a technological core and innovative base to achieve a very clear objective: to achieve ever smaller components that combine attractive design and high functionality, and that facilitate full connectivity to move towards the revolution that is the smart home.

To meet these challenges, this sector needs suppliers capable of offering a comprehensive turnkey service, anticipating market needs and bringing together the conception and design of parts, on the one hand, and the development of functional prototypes, on the other. These are essential requirements to meet the design and interconnectivity requirements imposed by technology companies and needed by smart homes.

In recent years, IDELT has strengthened its role as a strategic and reliable partner in the production of high value-added plastic solutions. Its expertise in the conception, design, prototyping and production of customized and fully functional components places it in a position of competitive advantage when facing this paradigm shift under parameters of efficiency and profitability.

This competitive advantage is reinforced with a value proposition based on its role as an integral partner-supplier. IDELT’s work starts from the very moment a customer communicates a need or an idea: its consultancy service advises on the selection of the most suitable technology and materials to integrate specific functionalities in plastic parts and optimize processes. IDELT then makes design proposals that are customized or adapted to the customer’s needs, with a view to creating a prototype with qualities like those of the final product. The work is complemented with the elaboration of the molds and tooling required to assume the production volume of the order, and with the plastic injection of the parts, regardless of their size and production batch.

This integral process concludes with the realization of complementary processes, such as laser engraving or ultrasonic welding, among many others, which allow us to offer a 360º service that translates into several tangible advantages: a significant saving in management and administration costs, and a fully efficient process that is adapted to the customer’s needs.

This know-how is what has made IDELT a partner of some of the leading industrial manufacturers in different sectors, including consumer electronics and IoT devices, such as Bosch, DeLonghi, ITP Aero, Fagor, Ingeteam, Ikusi, BTI, BioRad, Grifols and P4Q, among many others.

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