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Telemedicine and the growing social focus on healthy living have boosted the use of IoT devices for healthcare, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

This need has already begun to transform the healthcare industry ecosystem, which needs reliable partners to ensure compliance with the most rigorous healthcare standards and to apply innovation to their processes in order to help ensure competitiveness and maintain a benchmark position in the market.

IoMTs are small medical terminals that, in addition to offering remote functionalities, must be manageable, portable, robust and have an attractive design so that they can be used on a daily basis, even as wearables.


IoTM for healthcare

IoTM for healthcare

The growth of this industry in recent years has been enormous, but the growth prospects are even greater thanks to the advance of enabling technologies such as 5G: according to a report by the consulting firm McKinsey, it is estimated that by 2030 the economic value of this sector could reach 12.6 trillion dollars.

To face this new paradigm of remote medical care, the healthcare industry must be prepared to implement with agility the dizzying technological changes that take place on a daily basis, but also to face several challenges imposed by the market: the need to design devices that are increasingly functional, attractive and, above all, small and manageable.

To face these challenges, it is necessary to count on reliable suppliers and partners with an innovative core, who can offer a 360º service that combines the conception and design of the parts, on the one hand, and the development of prototypes capable of integrating the functional elements, on the other. These elements range from state-of-the-art connectivity systems to electronic components and physical and computerized sensors, all with an attractive and unique design, and with scrupulous respect for health regulations.

Within this new scenario, IDELT has established itself as a strategic partner for medical companies that need high value-added plastic solutions for their IoMT devices. Its value proposition pivots around the realization of turnkey projects as a single partner-supplier with several fundamental objectives: to save management and administration costs, optimize process efficiency and collaborate in the industrialization of a product, from design to production and market launch.

IDELT is able to give birth to an idea or a need, develop a design and make a prototype to create unique solutions full of functionality. To this end, it provides a consulting and support service to customers and offers them the most advanced technologies in design, prototyping, tooling development and production.

Its expertise, availability and advice have enabled it to become a partner and supplier to several major medical device manufacturers, including BTI, BioRad, Grifols, P4Q, LainoMedical or Stilla, and to accompany them in the transformation of this sector.

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