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NER Group, Walter Pack's model for social justice and sustainable development

In 2007, Walter Pack took the decision to promote a New Relationship Style (NER) based on participatory and solidarity-based management, with people and teamwork as its main assets. NERGROUP was born, a group of business and cooperative projects that aimed to break with the traditional concept of business management and operate under the principles of fair and sustainable human development and social commitment. 

Some time later, this commitment has resulted in more than 2 million euros in investments and nearly 200 social projects promoted by the group, both locally and in development cooperation in Africa, Latin America and Asia, involving the nearly 2,000 people who make up the twenty Basque organisations that make up NER. 
But what does it really mean to be part of NERGROUP? What role have we played in Walter Pack as co-founders of the group? What is our area of improvement for the future?

An organisational style based on self-managed teams

NERGROUP goes far beyond theoretical approaches: its members share an organisational style based on the values of ethics, transparency, communication, trust and self-managed teams where freedom, responsibility, joint decisions, a vision of the future and solidarity are promoted. 

These values are embodied in a series of management criteria and common practices that revolve around people, and which can be seen in the day-to-day running of Walter Pack. These include:

The commitment to maintaining all the people who make up the organisation, regardless of crisis situations or market cycles. 
The creation of a financial fund to provide support to people in difficult personal situations.
The establishment of a salary framework appropriate to the responsibilities of each member of the organisation.
Profit sharing as a result of the work of the whole team.
The sharing of all the data of the organisations so that all the members feel part of a common project. 
Objectives: Generate talent and achieve a shared vision.

NER organisations prioritise teamwork and the development of the personal potential of each of our members in order to generate more and more talent and achieve a vision and a feeling of belonging to a common project.

All these values have allowed us to develop an organisational method that makes the most of the talent of all the people who make up Walter Pack, to promote our creativity, innovation and vision of the future, and to offer our clients the best and most efficient solutions.

Within the principles and philosophy that inspires NERGROUP, at Walter Pack we develop solidarity actions and make financial contributions to the group’s common fund and the people in the organisation dedicate volunteer time to contribute to setting these actions in motion.

A future that Walter Pack and NERGROUP will rewrite under the parameters of solidarity and social justice.

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