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Innovative solutions in any industrial sector, like control access, are made up of cutting-edge parts and components. Continuous technological advances in fields as medicine, automotive, IoT and home appliances, among many others, have led Original Design Manufacturers (OMD) such as IDELT to design ever smaller parts but with maximum functionality and performance and excellent design.

One of the areas in which innovation is most present is the Control Access sector in the residential, leisure, public use and, in particular, Smart Buildings. The integration of mini-batteries, optical elements and wireless and contactless technologies in locker, furniture and access control and management devices has made it necessary to minimize the size of the components, increase their robustness and improve their design with a basic objective: to offer functional and attractive solutions in line with the degree of sophistication that this type of task entails.

How to choose a partner to take on the challenge in the access control industry

To meet this demand for connected and intelligent devices, the Control Access sector must turn to innovative core partners capable of offering comprehensive solutions that combine functionality, design and robustness, and that adapt to their specific needs.

The value proposition of a partner such as IDELT is not only found in the quality of its parts but also in the consulting work provided to its customers, and in the provision of a 360º service with a priority objective: to develop turnkey projects as the only partner-supplier in order to minimize management and administration costs. In this way, IDELT manages to optimize the efficiency of the process while accompanying its clients in the industrialization of the product, from design to production and market launch.

This comprehensive service addresses different phases and involves different departments, from sales to R&D and after-sales service, to obtain an exceptional result. The main processes it develops are:

  • Design. It is enough for a manufacturer to provide an idea or a need for IDELT’s design team to develop a functional, beautiful, customized and integrable proposal.
  • Prototyping. The necessary checks and adjustments are then made before creating a prototype that gives a reliable idea of what the final product will look like and shows the customer how it fits their needs and requirements.
  • Moulds and tooling. IDELT uses proprietary technology to adapt the molds specifically to the expected production volume with maximum efficiency.
  • Production. The end of the process culminates in series production.

We are committed to excellence, our priority

The excellence in the performance of these functions is what allows IDELT to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding security and access control sector, which is subject to specific technological, design and production requirements. IDELT has positioned itself as an ideal partner for security companies because it has the necessary capabilities to produce specific plastic parts with high added value.

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