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The people who make up Idelt are, without a doubt, the company’s greatest asset. Our commitment to talent, teamwork and social development has nothing to do with opportunism or passing fads and everything to do with an organisational style based on commitment: the one that NER Group represents.

NER is a group of business organisations that was born in 2010 to overcome the traditional concept of business management with the aim of operating under the parameters of fair and sustainable human development. Today, NER Group is made up of more than 2,000 people who share a set of ethical values of transparency, communication, trust, self-management, freedom, responsibility, joint decisions, vision and solidarity.

All the organisations that form part of the NER Group are committed to teamwork, self-management and the development of the personal potential of each of our members in order to generate more and more talent and achieve a feeling of belonging to a common project. And, in the case of Idelt, we achieve this through various actions.

We set up a Community financial fund to deal with possible personal contingencies. 

We share 30% of the profits among all the people as a result of teamwork.

We are committed to not making drastic staff reductions even in times of crisis.

We have a transparent salary framework, appropriate to each person’s responsibilities.

This philosophy is what allows us to make the most of the talent and promote the professional development of the people who make up Idelt, in order to offer our clients a catalogue of solutions with high added value.

At Idelt we are committed to people

We are a leading company in our sector and talent is our priority. Would you like to join our team?

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