Advanced industrial consulting

Comprehensive advice on the industrialisation of your project

At IDELT we have extensive experience in the development of plastic parts, which allows us to accompany and advise our clients in all phases of their projects.

We think and propose the best solutions without losing sight of the requirements and specifications of each product, thus saving time and investment.

Consulting Services

We respond to the specific problems of each project:

  • Material selection
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Technology selection
  • Incorporation of functions in plastic parts
  • Improvement of assembly times

Product Development

Do you have a Start-Up? Are you looking for a first-time product development entrepreneurship? At IDELT we want to accompany you on your adventure. We will be with you throughout all the design thinking phases before launching the industrialisation of the product, with no unnecessary expenses or investments.

We are ready to help you

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