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The MEDICA 2022 trade fair, one of the most important healthcare technology events in Europe, will become the stage for the presentation of QASSAY®, an innovative digital device developed by P4Q and IDELT and designed to perform rapid, high-precision diagnostics through a test strip analysis system, starting on November 14.

The fair, to be held in the German city of Düsseldorf from November 14-17, is one of the main meeting points of the international medical technology ecosystem and will feature five specific areas: Imaging and Diagnostics, Medical Equipment and Devices; IT Systems and Solutions; Laboratory Equipment and Diagnostic Tests; Physiotherapy and Orthopedic Technology; and Disposables and Consumables. P4Q, an industry leader in photovoltaic solar tracking controllers and high-precision digital diagnostic tests, will attend MEDICA 2022 to present QASSAY®, within the segment dedicated to Laboratory Equipment and Diagnostic Tests. P4Q has counted on the collaboration of IDELT to carry out the functional development of the plastic parts and to actively participate in all the design, prototyping and production phases of the device.

The QASSAY® lateral flow reader is an innovative device that is set to revolutionize diagnostic methods, offering fast and highly accurate results using a test strip analysis system. This solution is capable of performing tests for different types of biomarkers and analyzing the data obtained using mathematical machine learning algorithms to be used in diagnostic tests, these results are stored in an internal cloud-based security platform.

This diagnostic device, which is fully customizable from an aesthetic and functional point of view, will soon be ready for commercialization and distribution in the medical sector.

“Through our collaboration with IDELT, a reference in the sector and experts in the development of high-tech projects aimed at the production of plastic parts with high added value, we have created a device that combines design, functionality and robustness, and that guarantees the performance and integrity of the internal elements of our digital reading device for lateral Flow test QASSAY®,” explains Aitor Alapont, CEO of P4Q Electronics.
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