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Global Industrie, the meeting point for the industry of the future

On 17 May, the industrial sector will hold one of its most iconic meetings at the Paris Nord-Villepinte exhibition centre: Global Industrie, one of the world’s most important forums for the industry of the future, will kick off with more than 2,300 exhibitors gathered in a space of 100,000 m2.

The show will once again become the meeting point of reference for most of the players in the international industrial sector, and an ideal forum for discovering and presenting the most cutting-edge products, services, equipment and innovative solutions. This industrial forum will host four complementary exhibitions, leaders in their respective fields: MIDest, dedicated to industrial subcontracting; Smart Industries, focused on smart, efficient and digital industry; Industrie, specialising in manufacturing technologies and equipment; and TolExpo, focused on the production of sheet metal working solutions and equipment. The exhibition space will be divided into 15 distinct areas covering a multitude of sub-sectors such as additive and 3D manufacturing and product prototyping, among many others.

This forum has not only established itself as a physical meeting point for industrial customers and suppliers, but has also become a great showcase for innovation and an unbeatable business opportunity for the entire ecosystem operating in this sector, from start-ups to large corporations, subcontractors, manufacturers and research centres, among many others. Within this broad ecosystem, Global Industrie is an opportunity for IDELT, which has deployed its innovative solutions and its catalogue of products and services in previous editions.

The presence at this exhibition of some of our main industrial clients, from the medical sector to the electronics and automotive sectors, among others, makes it a highly relevant opportunity for IDELT due to our portfolio of integral plastic solutions with high added value. We are a reference partner that develops innovative turnkey strategies to develop the most advanced solutions, from concept to market launch.

  1. Our process starts with a strategic consultancy service that allows us to provide our clients with innovative proposals based on their needs.
  2. We then turn this idea or concept into a functional and aesthetically attractive design.
  3. We are a prototype development company specialised in industrial prototyping; for this reason we pay extra attention to the prototyping of products with finishes and qualities very similar to those of the final product.
  4. The manufacture of tooling and the creation of plastic injection moulds are a critical part of our production process. We are one of the benchmark plastic injection companies in our environment and we have the appropriate technology to make adjustments dynamically, especially during the homologation phase.
  5. The manufacture of plastic injection moulded parts is part of our DNA, and we offer the possibility of meeting any requirement regardless of size, batch or deadline.
  6. In addition to injection moulding machines, IDELT has complementary or post-processing centres that allow us to offer a comprehensive service and provide added value to our parts and products: pre-assembly processes to relieve the customer of operations that do not add value, copper paint for electromagnetic shielding, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, screen printing or laser engraving. All this allows us to introduce finishing solutions that contribute to making each part a differential component.

This 360º service has contributed to making IDELT a strategic ally capable of developing profitable solutions featuring aesthetic appeal and functionality.


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