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Safety and design, keys to the transformation of the hospitality sector

Hybrid hotel accommodations, space rental, restricted access areas, secure areas… Digitalization, the commitment to operational efficiency and the health alert by the COVID, among many other reasons, have sponsored during the last years a deep transformation in the management of spaces in the hospitality sector, always under parameters of safety, design and comfort for the user.

This operational efficiency has been and is only possible thanks to the introduction of technological solutions created to facilitate the management of hybrid accommodations and alter the use of spaces in a simple and safe way. Through this type of technology it is now possible to integrate apartments within a conventional hotel structure and, at the same time, convert hotel rooms into long-term use spaces suited to the specific needs of guests.

Beauty and aesthetic identity

In addition to being operational, these high-end solutions must also have advanced designs that are able to integrate these technologies, bring beauty to the whole and form part of the aesthetic identity of the establishment. To contribute to this transformation, the hospitality sector must turn to companies capable of combining design and functionality, and of providing solutions that meet its current and, above all, future needs.

Reliable partner

Within this complex ecosystem, in which parameters such as safety, technology integration and personalized attention also come into play, IDELT has established itself as a reliable partner specialized in the design of state-of-the-art and fully customized turnkey solutions. Its expertise in the production of high value-added plastic parts has made it a benchmark original design manufacturer (ODM) in the international market, and the best ally to lead this revolutionary improvement in hotel operations. The result is unique solutions that contribute to improving the guest’s user experience, optimizing the efficiency of the establishment and ensuring a safer and more personalized stay.

Integral process

IDELT has the necessary technology to carry out a comprehensive work that starts with the development of aesthetic proposals; goes through the realization of fully functional prototypes; continues with the manufacture of molds and tooling necessary for their production, and culminates with the injection of plastic parts, regardless of the volume of the batch or the size of the part.

Customer support

IDELT can complete the entire development with finishing solutions and additional processes focused on offering a comprehensive service, and complement its work with a service of accompaniment and advice to its customers at all stages of the process.

The result is unique products with a high added value capable of reflecting the character and decoration of any hotel establishment, while integrating software and technological elements from the world’s leading manufacturers. The exclusive character of the pieces manufactured by IDELT and its ability to preserve, at the same time, the brand identity, allow it to respond to all kinds of needs and to adapt to the aesthetic guidelines of its accessories.


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